Sarah Eddy

One important item in the collection of the Portsmouth Historical Society is the portrait of Grammy Burke preparing Thanksgiving Dinner. The artist was longtime Portsmouth resident and philanthropist Sarah J. Eddy. PHS members have been collecting images of Sarah Eddy’s artwork and hope to uncover more. Check your attics and basements. If you have a painting, photograph or sculpture by Sarah Eddy, we would love to photograph it to add to our knowledge of Sarah’s artwork. If you have stories about Sarah, we would love to record them as well.

You can view a presentation on You Tube – (Hidden in Plain Sight: Sarah Eddy in Portsmouth, Rhode Island) given at the Portsmouth Free Public Library by Gloria Schmidt and Marjory Webster.

Sara J. Eddy Presentation for the Web. Click Here to see the slides for the presentation.
This is updated with presented notes for Gloria and Marge.